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Financial Forensic Services

No one expects to have a catastrophe happen to them, and when it does, it can be devastating. If you have recently experienced damages or loss from a catastrophic event,

contact us for a confidential assessment of your situation.

When disaster strikes, we take action. We stand by our clients through fires, tornadoes, explosions and hurricanes. Picking up the pieces after a catastrophic event is an exhausting experience. Once you have secured your site, arranged debris removal and started to assess the damage to your business, it’s time to start dealing with your insurance company. 

Understanding your insurance policy, especially Business Interruption coverage can be very difficult, so much so even insurance adjusters routinely hire Forensic Accountants to assess these damages. You should have the same advantage, that's where we come in.

Our firm is a full service consulting practice dedicated to helping our clients manage business interruption damages, we are not a CPA Firm. We provide the expert analysis required to fairly document, analyze, and quantify damaged sustained to your business. Our professionals have helped hundreds of clients work through the challenges of Business Interruption claims.