As accounting systems become highly automated and increasingly integrated, the potential for fraud and irregularities continue to be a concern for businesses. Our professionals have advised many clients concerning financial investigations on behalf of management, board of directors and law firms.

We have been engaged by law firms as consultants to preserve privilege on our investigations. Additionally, are services are performed with the utmost confidence and integrity. 

Our firm has assisted clients with:

  • Accounting irregularities,
  • Fidelity insurance claims,
  • Kiting schemes,
  • False vendor schemes,
  • Defalcation,
  • Embezzlement,
  • Government vendor fraud,
  • FCPA violations,
  • Financial statement re-statements.

In addition to the cases above, we have performed special investigations for law firms, boards of directors, and senior management. Many of these investigations are defined by our clients to meet certain criteria or verify a conclusion. If you have discovered potential irregularities, indications of fraud or you need a special investigation, contact us for a confidential consultation regarding our capabilities and services.